Case Study - Iraq

• Formerly Balloch & Roe, established in Baghdad in 2003.

• Built local capacities and partnerships that provided us with on-the-ground local knowledge and unparalleled reach across Iraq.

• Established solid and true tribal connections that allowed us access to unlimited distribution networks.

• Founded the first independent radio station in Iraq and the only secure Heidelberg printing press, in 2003.

• Produced and implemented the vast majority of communications projects for the Coalition and the Iraqi Government between 2004 and 2007, including launching the new Iraqi currency, the new Iraqi army, the Iraqi police, the UN sponsored Iraqi Election Commission IECI nomination, and the Iraqi Stabilization and Democratization campaign, as well as hostage release negotiations.

• In 2005, we became the main supplier of billboards and outdoor banners across Iraq and the top producer of Iraqi TV programming.