Babylon operates in close collaboration with geopolitical clients, including international consumer brands, governments, and non-governmental organizations, to deliver influential communications strategies that address the clients' objectives.

With a world-class team of communications specialists, social scientists, subject matter experts and media planners, Babylon provides a unique and proven track record of having implemented hundreds of campaigns in volatile areas from Afghanistan to Chechnya, and from Iraq to Somalia.

Our media experts and on-the-ground multi-ethnic teams, indigenous to a campaign's area of reach, allow us to create insightful, powerful, measurable and culturally attuned communications.

With innovation and flexibility at our roots we are able to coordinate and rapidly mobilize resources within Babylon and across our trusted network of media partners in order to overcome impediments in conflict zones.

Grounded in research and analysis, Babylon utilizes tribal engagement, community out-reach programs and increasingly cutting-edge digital, viral and mobile communications to overcome the challenging media environments in our areas of work.