What we do

Babylon Communications develops and implements multimedia and digital communications campaigns for commercial and governmental clients.

With an experienced core team of professionals and a top-tier network of experts across various disciplines, Babylon offers a full range of media services throughout the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa.

We provide comprehensive communications solutions spanning the research, planning, management, realization and measurability phases of the campaign process.

Our team is comprised of creative, media-savvy professionals who are culturally and ethnically representative of the regions in which we work.

Our tried and tested network includes some of the most globally acclaimed production companies, as well as the most powerful media-buying networks.

Babylon systematically develops campaigns based on scientifically valid and replicable measurement processes that address both performance and effectiveness metrics.

These core assets allow us to provide clients with the entire spectrum of media services, beginning with insightful research and analysis and ending with a strong and appropriately disseminated media product. Babylon's integrated multimedia and digital information campaigns are designed to communicate specific and deliberate messages, usually intended to have a transformative effect.

We pride ourselves on an in-depth understanding of our clients' objectives and on ensuring strategic media placement in a variety of information platforms to effectively communicate with segmented audiences.