Hala Nimri, Chief Executive Officer

Hala brings over 25 years of international experience in project management and strategic planning to Babylon Communications. She has refined skills in cross-cultural communications and customer loyalty programs, and has held senior positions in several corporations in the tourism, finance, loyalty, and marketing industries in France, Canada, the UAE, and Jordan.

In 2004, Hala co-founded Babylon and since then held the position of Chief Executive Officer. She has been instrumental in building the company into the globally influential firm it is today. Supported by industry experts, Hala oversees the company's operations, finance, human resources, business alliances, research, and strategic communications efforts.

Hala strongly believes in the importance of mentoring talented professional women and has helped create the diversity that makes Babylon a stronger organization. During her time with Babylon, Hala has successfully led large-scale projects including:

  • Several strategic communications efforts in Iraq aimed at encouraging Iraqi citizens to take ownership and leadership of reconstruction efforts.
  • Development of an animated television series in Sanaa, Yemen, aimed at promoting tolerance and girls' education, and at preventing early marriage.
  • Communications campaigns aimed at countering malign foreign influence in Europe and Salafi radicalization efforts in Pan Arab countries, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.
  • Several research projects focusing on various topics, including malign foreign influence, cyber security, piracy, defense technology and robotics, military disaster response, Korean peninsula geopolitical tensions, Asia pacific regional cooperation, and violent extremist organizations' use of social media.
  • Support for Babylon's research division's success with various studies for major governmental and commercial organizations such as the US Pacific, Central, European, and Africa Commands, Abu Dhabi Tourism, and McDonalds.